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Ms. Char

Head of Preschool

Preschool Section

Preschool marks the primary experience for students in organized settings and forms the foundation of their developmental journey. At BESGB, we prioritize the holistic growth of our students, addressing academic, social, and emotional sides. Our curriculum includes English, Math, and French, along with subjects like Math, Science, Arts, and Music.

Given the ongoing developmental stage of students at this age, we provide a Drama/Rhythmic class, focusing on enhancing gross-motor and fine motor skills through sports activities. As a Christian school, we also incorporate Christian education classes that teach biblical stories. We emphasize real-life experiences, integrating numerous hands-on activities in both the classroom and our garden, where students can engage in planting, exploration, and connecting with nature.

Emotional Development

Recognizing one’s emotions and values as well as one’s strengths and challenges. Managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals.

Social Development

Forming positive relationships, working in teams, dealing effectively with conflict. Making ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior.

Our PSHE program (Physical, Social, Health, and Emotional) equips students with essential life skills, covering topics such as responding to strangers, managing behavior, and maintaining personal hygiene. Our commitment to students extends to helping them become independent leaders in various aspects of their lives

Our curriculum is continuously updated to meet the evolving needs. Recognizing the individual pace of each child’s development, we foster a diverse learning environment. With a family-oriented spirit, we ensure all students actively participate and receive support tailored to their unique needs.

As a unified preschool team, our goal is to provide the very best for our students. We are a dedicated and positive group, solid in our commitment to prioritize the well-being and development of each child. Regardless of the challenges we may face, our team remains focused on keeping the students’ best interests at the forefront of all our efforts. Through collaboration and shared enthusiasm, we strive to create an environment where every child can bloom and succeed.

As the Head of Preschool, my primary goal is to foster an environment where love is the cornerstone, and the school becomes a second family for our young learners. I am dedicated to ensuring that each child receives the utmost care, kindness, and support throughout their preschool journey. Embracing the philosophy of “Love them, be kind to them, and watch them grow,” I am committed to creating an atmosphere where every child feels valued, nurtured, and encouraged to flourish in their unique way.

Our preschool consists of three classes

Ages 3-4

Ages 4-5

Ages 5-6

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