What is the main language of instruction at BESGB?

English is the main language of instruction since Math, Sciences, Economics, Philosophy, and Sociology are taught in English. English Language Arts courses are deemed as vital as the mother tongue.

How large are the classes at BESGB?

An average class at BESGB ranges between 22 – 24 students, with a ratio of 10 students per teacher.

What diplomas are offered or can be attained at BESGB?

The Lebanese Baccalaureate, after which graduates enroll in college as sophomores, and the High School Diploma after which graduates enroll as Freshmen College students, are offered at BESGB.

Starting September 2021, IBDP will be introduced at High School levels.

What are the school hours?

Seven periods comprise a teaching day and classes start at 7:35 AM, and end at 2:35 PM. Wednesdays’ classes finish at 1:00 PM, and the remaining time is allotted for departmental meetings and professional development workshops.

What activities are offered at BESGB?

Ongoing curricular activities are an integral part of learning at BESGB. Such extracurricular activities, like sports, arts, drama, music, robotics, etc. are offered after school hours on Wednesdays, Fridays and on Saturdays.

How old should a child be in order to be admitted to KG1?

By the 31st of January of a given academic year, the child has to have completed 3 years.

Is teaching Christian Education mandatory?

The school’s Christian Education is consistent with the school’s Mission Statement and Vision, both of which underscore the universal virtues of integrity, tolerance, empathy, and diligence.

The Christian Education program includes Christian education classes once weekly and weekly chapel sessions.

This program does not provide religious or ecclesial teachings. Its main aim is to lead the students to live valuable lives guided by Christian values and based on the teachings of the Holy Bible.

All students from all religions and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to participate and interact in a peaceful, positive environment during these classes and chapel session.

Is the school Trilingual?

While both Arabic and English languages are taught with the same rigor, French is also introduced as early as KGs stages with gradual development throughout the later stages. High and Middle School students qualify for the DELF standardized exams which enable them to pursue higher education in France and/or French universities.

Are there any special accommodations for foreign students with no command of Arabic, English, and/or French languages?

Special leveled language courses and support are provided for foreign students with little to no proficiency in Arabic, French, and/or English.

Is there any special department for special needs?

The school has adopted a policy of inclusion of students with special educational needs, in collaboration with SKILD, and the assistance/presence of a special education consultant.

Is there any discount on the tuition for siblings?

Yes. It’s called “Sibling Discount”, where the the following criterion regarding discounts is followed: 5% discount for the second child.
10% discount for the third child.
15% discount for the fourth, and above child/children.

What are the areas/routes that school buses cover?

Buses cover parts of the Greater Beirut area, Northern Metn area, and Kisserwan area. New routes will be considered on demand, provided a minimum of 5 students. For more info, contact our Admission Office.

What are the school's records of achievement in the Lebanese Official Exams?

The school prides itself with its unmarred 100% record of success and abundance of Honorable Mentions. However, the school firmly believes that high achievement is not synonymous with high grades on official exams.

It’s about constantly challenging and stimulating the students’ thinking, fostering the right attitude and behavior, and enhancing their knowledge and skills to fully prepare them for higher education and for life.