BESGB Child Protection Policy

BESGB & Himaya

We at BESGB believe in our responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the children in our school. We have developed a Child Protection Policy, which outlines the school’s responsibilities and the provisions the school will take to ensure children are protected from harm, both at school and outside of school.

The Child Protection Policy was developed in partnership with himaya, which is a Lebanese child protection NGO with over 10 years of experience in child protection. The policy is in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and Lebanese law 422/2002 ‘The Protection of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law and/or At Risk’.

How will BESGB's Child Protection Policy keep children safe?

BESGB aims to create and maintain a child friendly environment at school. To do this we will ensure:

  • Children know who they can talk to if they are worried about their safety or feel in danger.
  • Activities to guide children on how to avoid, and respond to, risky situations. Some topics that we may discuss include internet safety awareness, positive relationships etc.
  • Regular trainings for staff on how to react to concerns about students.
  • An up-to-date code of conduct for staff.
  • An up-to-date safer recruitment policy.

These are some of the actions the school is implementing as part of the child protection policy.

Responding to Concerns

We are committed to keeping our students safe. Any concerns will be reported to the Child Protection Officer (CPO) who will then take any action needed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of children. Our first priority is your child’s welfare and we will usually discuss any concerns we have about your child with you. In some cases, the school may consult with other agencies, such as Himaya, when it has concerns that a child may have been abused or neglected. As a school we are legally bound to respond to allegations and disclosures of child abuse and neglect.

Child Protection Officer

The Child Protection Officer is responsible for actively improving the safety of children in BESGB and for responding to concerns about children.

The Child Protection Officer (CPO) is: Ms. Christiane Chiha

Discussing concerns as a parent:

If you have a concern about the wellbeing or safety of your child or another child:

  1. Contact the classroom teacher OR
  2. Contact the Head of Section OR
  3. Contact the Child Protection Officer (Ms. Christiane Chiha)
How can I get involved as a parent?

The Child Protection Group (CPG) will be a group made up of the administration, CPO, representatives of teachers, parents and students. Through the parent representative in this group, you can volunteer in promoting the child protection policy or suggest important topics to discuss with children, parents and teachers in the school. Please contact the Parent Committee to communicate with a representative.

Click below to view BESGB’s  full Child Protection Policy.

Full Child Protection Policy