Vision and Mission

Our Vision

BESGB shall rank high in all educational dimensions, raising responsible, well rounded individuals who shall become positive exemplary citizens and agents of change in society, and are guided by the evangelical values.

Our Mission

BESGB is highly committed to building  human beings regardless of gender, religion and ethnicity based on the values of the Gospel and the heritage of the Protestant Church and its founder. It provides an education which challenges all students to do their best in an equitable environment, to have active involvement in the process of learning, and to obtain adequate preparation for good achievement in college. In attaining its mission, the school offers the following two programs: the Lebanese Program and the American Program.

Our Values

Our values are the foundations of our behavior and decisions. They are the guidelines by which our school achieves success.


We strive for excellence through being attentive, careful, cooperative, courteous, innovative, positive, productive and proactive. We make sure that everything we do at work is done to the best of our ability, and we teach excellence by example.

Honesty & Trust

We uphold Christian ethics and have an obligation to follow the dictates of conscience. We cherish transparency and make sure that our words match our actions. We strive towards building mutual trust between administration, staff, students, and parents.

Fairness & Respect

We believe that every human being is worthy of respect, regardless of his /her nationality, color, social standard, religion, age or any other parameter. We promote equality and fairness throughout the institution.


We celebrate diversity and allow students to grow in an environment that promotes tolerance and accepts others. We establish links and interactions with communities different from ours.


We work together as a family to achieve goals. We support, encourage and take the time to help one another.

Alma Mater

Let some look back on days gone by forever
Or castles built for the days yet to come,

We all have no such vain emotion,
With present joys content are we;

We love our school with heart devotion
Hip,hip,hurrah! For BESGB

The door of knowledge opens wide before us,
We daily hear of the good and the great;

The friends of youth are friends forever!
Though distant scenes we may not see,

Yet this we know will stand forever,
Our hearts’ true love to BESGB

Rev. G.M. Mackie