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Parents Association

The BESGB Parents Association was established to further our school’s vision through a combination of volunteer work, and to promote educational excellence by fostering a spirit of community through the facilitation of communication and cooperation among the school’s parents, administration, teachers and students.

We aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Exchanging information about school and education
  • School Policy and planning
  • Networking among parents
  • Extra-curricular activities for children
  • Affirming teacher’s work
  • Fund raising
[scp_content_box][scp_schedule schedule=”Dr. Therese Seif Khawand| President %% Dr. Bassem Maamari| Vice-President %% Mrs. Jocelyne Nehme| Treasurer %% Mrs. Layal Waked| Treasurer %% Mrs. Carole Eid| Secretary”][/scp_content_box]
[scp_content_box][scp_schedule schedule=”Mrs. Layal Waked| Pre-school %% Mr. Joseph Bedran| Lower Elementary %% Mrs. Carole Eid| Upper Elementary %% Mrs. Rita Nohra| Upper Elementary %% Mr. Harout Alajijian| Intermediate %% Mr. Harout Garabedian|Secondary”][/scp_content_box]
[scp_content_box][scp_schedule schedule=”Mr. Kevork Torossian| %% Mr. Michel Andraos| %% Mr. Hosep Babikian| %% Mr. Miled Estephan|”][/scp_content_box]

Your precious trust and confidence towards a better future

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