Parents' - School Relations

We strongly value the participation of parents in their children’s education, which we believe is an integral factor in ensuring that our students’ personal, social and academic development is maximized. We see our relationship with parents as a two-way ongoing communication that is necessary for the child’s development. We communicate with parents and encourage their involvement in school in several ways.

Parents Association
The parents association is an elected group of parents who provide input and are involved in the decision-making process concerning issues faced by the school as a whole. Their role is fully defined by the Ministry of Education. Our school is open to new ideas and opinions and we welcome parents' input as we believe that their contribution will assist us in accomplishing our mission.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher conferences take place three times a year; at the end of the first and second terms and after the midyear test. The main objective of these meetings is to discuss with parents their children’s academic and social development. These meetings provide teachers and parents with the opportunity to find ways of improving both the parents’ and teachers’ contributions to each child’s development.

Parent’s Requests for a Meeting
In addition to the regular meetings set by the school, parents are invited to contact the school at any time to request a meeting with faculty and/or staff if the need arises. As a school, we value all parents’ input and encourage their involvement in their child’s education and our school life.

Teacher’s Requests for a Meeting
Teachers and other members of staff may request a meeting with parents if need be. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss with parents different ways of collaboration to maximize the academic, social and psychological development of their children.

Parent's involvement in the Learning Process 
An education that allows for the development of the whole child intellectually, socially, physically and psychologically will be maximized with the involvement of parents. We strongly encourage parents to counsel their children, monitor their academic development at home and encourage their social and physical development in a way aligned with the school’s efforts to do so. For the purpose of aligning the school’s and parents’ goals and methods for encouraging a healthy development of each child, parental meetings will be held throughout the year with parents, teachers and administration.

Circulars, Bulletins and Letters to Parents
Circulars, bulletins and letters will be sent to parents throughout the academic year to keep them updated on what is taking place at school such as important dates, special events, school activities, new developments, parental seminars, etc.

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