Health Services

Our school nurse is present on campus during all working hours to deal with minor health problems and injuries. In case of emergency, the student will be transferred to a hospital and parents would be contacted by the school.

For Preschool and Elementary students, the school nurse administers any medication or drug that a student is required to take. For safety purposes and for effective monitoring of medications, students should not carry or self-administer any medication during the school day. In such cases, parents should supply the following information:

  • A signed physician’s order confirming the need for the administration of the medicine during school hours.

  • A signed parents’ permission slip authorizing the nurse to administer medicine to the student.

For students in the intermediate and secondary sections, a signed parent's permission may authorize a student to carry a specific medicine at school and take it as needed.

All students and staff are covered by an insurance policy against accidents all the time they are at school premises and on school buses, and during school-organized activities and trips.

Finally, parents are asked to keep their children at home if their children have:

  • Any communicable disease

  • A temperature of 38 0C or above

  • An undetermined rash over any part of the body

  • Vomiting or diarrhea

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