Students' Rights & Responsibilities

An important part of the education we provide is to guide our children to internalize discipline, be able to make decisions, and understand and take responsibility for the choices they have made. 

Our student has the right to:

  • learn.

  • feel physically, intellectually, emotionally and psychologically safe.

  • express his/her own opinion.

  • be respected by everyone at all times.

  • know the school rules.

Our student has the responsibility to:

  • respect everyone

  • recognize that school is work and the primary purpose is academic development

  • study diligently and maintain the best possible level of academic achievement

  • respect other’s learning

  • come to school on time

  • bring all required books and materials to school

  • hand in all assignments, completed, and on time

  • take all tests honestly

  • accept constructive criticism

  • accept the consequences of my behavior and decisions

  • carry information to my parents and bring back responses when requested to do so

  • dress and appear in a manner that meets reasonable standards of health, cleanliness, and safety

  • adhere to the rules and regulations established the school for the welfare and safety of students

  • enhance school environment, preserve school property, and show utmost care while using school facilities

  • behave in an appropriate manner while at school, on school buses, or at school related activities held on or off school campus

  • keep my communication free of verbal and written obscenities 

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