Absences, Tardiness, & Early Dismissal


In order for our students to benefit most from the learning experiences provided, they are required to attend school. A record of absent students is taken on a daily basis, to monitor student attendance closely. Absences for reasons other than illness should be kept to a minimum. If a student does not attend school, a note that explains the reason of absence is required from the parents. In case of repeated absence, the student’s parents will be contacted by the school to discuss the reasons.

Particularly in the intermediate and secondary schools, it is the student’s responsibility to make up for the missed assignments. If a student misses an exam, he/she will be entitled for a make-up only if a medical report is submitted. Finally, for a student to receive the grade report for a term, he/she should have attended no less than 75% of the school days in that term.


Tardiness interrupts the learning process and disrupts the teacher and other students' learning. It is required that every student be punctual. In case of tardiness, parents are asked to contact the school to explain the reason. Repeated tardiness will result in losing the class the student is tardy for.

Early Dismissal

Our school dismisses students only at the end of the school day. If there is need that a student be dismissed earlier, a written note from the parents and approval from the administration is required.

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