Christian Education

Our school belongs to and is run by the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon that runs all the Presbyterian churches in these two countries. However, there is no segregation whatsoever regarding religion, color, race, nationality, or any other label that is sometimes unnecessarily attributed to people. We teach Christian ethics that all Christians believe in, and that have no offence for any human being no matter what his/her religious beliefs are. All students go to chapel once a week. There is one period a week dedicated for teaching Christian ethics from Preschool up to Intermediate 3. Besides, we have a Bible Club open for all students who want to learn more about Christianity and who want to get involved in any Christian activity inside or outside school hours. Students can come to the club room to read or to borrow books, DVD's and CD's. We have a Coordinator for Christian Education who makes sure that whatever is done and said is geared towards creating tolerance and the acceptance of others. 

Uploaded are different pictures of Christian Education activities in : Bible Club , classes,projects,and morning worship.       

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