BESGB offers two programs: the Lebanese Program and the Foreign Program. Students who do not have a foreign passport and have not studied three consecutive years outside Lebanon have to study the Lebanese Program. This is stipulated by the policies of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. On the other hand, students who have a foreign passport or those who present documents to show that they have studied outside Lebanon for three consecutive years in secondary and intermediate classes and for 2 consecutive years in elementary classes can go for the Foreign Program or the Lebanese Program, whichever they choose. Students who choose to study the Foreign Program have to process their papers at the Ministry of Education to be exempted of Arabic, and to be allowed to pursue their studies in the Foreign Program.

Students who study the Lebanese Program and pass the exams of the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II can join college at the sophomore level, while students of the Foreign Program graduate with the school diploma and join college at the freshman level.

Lebanese Program students in the terminal class have to sit for the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II. Foreign Program students in the terminal class have to sit for SAT-1 and SAT-II. All students, however, have to accumulate a general average of 65% in the terminal class in order to graduate from school. Intermediate 3 students in the Lebanese program have to pass the Brevet exam in order to be promoted to Secondary 1.

All preschoolers study together the same program no matter whether they will go for the Lebanese or the Foreign program later on. The two programs in the elementary classes can be separate or together depending on the number of students in each class. In the intermediate and secondary classes the two programs are completely separate.


Lebanese Program

Foreign Program

Elementary 1

Grade 1

Elementary 2

Grade 2

Elementary 3

Grade 3

Elementary 4

Grade 4

Elementary 5

Grade 5

Elementary 6

Grade 6

Intermediate 1

Grade 7

Intermediate 2

Grade 8

Intermediate 3

Grade 9

Secondary 1

Grade 10

Secondary 2

Grade 11

Secondary 3

Grade 12

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